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2012 LENSCRATCH Love Exhibition

A very Happy Valentine’s Day to all! This exhibition reflects a wide variety of interpretations of LOVE, from family, from lovers, from hearts to kisses. A big thank you to all who submitted…may you all find love in the world around you, and most importantly, within yourself.


Catherine Just, Nap Time July 16th, 2011, Salt Lake City, UT

Phil Decker, Romantic Moments at the Garlic Festival, Elephant Garlic Festival in North Plains, Oregon, USA., July 2011

Janella Mele, Daughter, Cape Cod National Seashore, Truro, MA

María Beatriz Núñez, Amor prohibido (Forbidden love), Paris, France

Hank Frentz, More Love, Melbourne, FLA

Alison Turner,Traci and Jamie, Long Beach, CA

Jon Feinstein, 8 Grams, Brooklyn, New York

Asia Kepka, Bridget and I, New England

Valery Rizzo, L O V E

Sharon Johnson-Tennant, Stuck on You, Mexico

Joel Butler, 60 Years Together, Kokomo, Indiana.

Kevin J. Miyazaki, From Marilu, Wauwatosa, Wisconsin

Sherwin Rivera Tibayan, Brooklynn Nicole,, Purcell, OK, 2011

Consuelo Mendez, Consuelo’s Valentine 2012, Berlin Germany

Paris Carter, “Dusting” from the series Goliaths, Orlando, FL

Sally Brower, Little Life, Charlotte, NC

Salvo Toscano, Untitled Love, Reading, UK

Bill Chapman, Kristin, New York City, NY

Ann Kendellen, Untitled, 2011, Portland, Oregon

Kay Kenny, Shark Girl, Pittsburgh, PA,

Jessica Lehane Day, Ellery and Annie, Denver, CO

Mary Ann Lynch, Endless Love, Brooklyn, NY 2007

April Rocha, Erica and Chris, Malibu, California

Lisa McCord, Cully and James, Rotan Switch, Arkansas

Susan Spiritus, Red is the color of the month!, At the Saatchi Gallery, London February, 2012

Elaine Minionis, She & She. (From series: “Last Days in Chinatown”), Chinatown, NYC

Susan Swihart, Be Mine, Los Angeles, CA

Sherry Huang, Love hurts, San Francisco, CA

Emma Kisiel, Self-portrait with Nathaniel, Denver, CO

Yvette Meltzer, Side by Side, Quimper, France

Yoichi Nagata , Touch, Tokyo Japan

Carol Dass, What I did for LOVE, Colorado

Tama Hochbaum, Fred and Ginger in Love, Chapel Hill, NC

Shawna Gibbs, The Wave, Cape Elizabeth, ME

Mariana González, #12 of the “Sunday morning at the Orlandini’s” series; Salt Lake City, UT

Scott Achs, Ice Fishing, Enfield, NH

Sheri Lynn Behr, Luck and Love, Los Angeles, CA

Rolfe Ross, “Q Line, Coney Island”, New York City, NY,

Thomas Rousing, True pixel heart, Copenhagen Denmark,

Malina Chavez, Circle of Love, Nashville, TN (Legislative Plaza at Occupy Nashville After a Vigil for Scott Olsen)

Debbie Poulin, Be Mine, Chicago, Illinois

Deborah Yun, La Mia Venezia, Venice, Italy

Jeff Dojillo, The Lovers, San Francisco, CA

Hannah Kozak, Rice Love, San Francisco, CA

Mary Defer, Untitled Love, Gambier, OH

Jim Brammer, Not Now, Prague, Czech Republic

Lisa Bevis, First Love – Self Portrait, Santa Monica, CA

Victoria Peñafiel, Three of us, Barcelona, Spain

Arianna Sanesi, Bruna and Antonio, Prato, 2009

Kristianne Drake, Untitled #4 (from the series All The Small Things), Southampton, England

Mark Hobson, My Love, Old Montreal, Canada

Cynthia Greig, The Likeness of Being / D12-10-2009/T18:02:39, Detroit MI

Cynthia E. Wood, he dreams of her; he calls her, San Francisco, CA

Matthew Moore, I Love You, Detroit, MI

Brian Van de Wetering, Locket, Pont des Arts, Paris, France

Gay Mayes, Love Leaf, Franklin, TN

Miriam O’ Connor, Untitled, Dublin, Ireland

Pekka Nikrus, Heart & Vine, Helsinki, Finland

LiA Sanders, Up in the Air, Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY

Paul King, Couch buddies, Lincoln, United Kingdom

Bea Fresno, Untitled from the ongoing project “Love Story”, The Netherlands

Julia Kozerski, Hunger, Milwaukee, WI

Kathryn Dunkle, 4×5 Fey Place, Savannah, Georgia

Kristy Carpenter, Wedding Album, Bronson, MI

winky lewis, Lo and Piggy, 2012, Carrabassett Valley, ME

Chloe Fettes, pou pou, Bintan (malaysia)

Monica Denevan, Bridal Chair 2011, China

Ashley Kauschinger, On Your Birthday, Denton, TX

Ron Cillizza, Propensity for roses – Without, New Hampshire (studio)

Blue Mitchell, Thinking Outrageously…(Love) (from the Cadence series by Blue Mitchell and Jennifer Schwartz), Portland, OR

James Bourret, Frozen, studio (Ketchum, Idaho)

Harvey Hanig, Heart, North Aurora IL

Fran Forman,Two, Wellfleet, MA

Paris Visone, At Kowloons, Saugus, MA

Patricia A. Bender, David Sleeping (2), Somerset, NJ

Dominic Rouse, Tea Dance, UK, Thailand, Cambodia, USA, Argentina

Aaron Hobson, Lovebirds, Adirondacks, USA

Vicki Hunt, True Love Ways, Opp, Alabama

Louise Daddona, Together, Boca Raton, Fl

Isabel Gomes, Yuck. Cooties!, Sherman Oaks, CA

Amy Adair, Barbara, Savannah, GA

Laurie McCormick, KITTY LOVE, Los Angeles

Garry Loughlin, Love, Observed #3, Dublin,

Fred Bonilla, Manos De Amor, Trumbull,CT

Liz Huston, The Lovers (Promise of a New Year), New Orleans, LA

Andi Schreiber, Do Not Disturb, Montauk, NY

Oliver Pauk, Beach Motel – Lover, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Gina Kelly, Kelly and Gypsy, Together for 15 years, Duluth, Minnesota

Gabriela Herman, When we see each other, Chilmark, MA

Renee Creager O’Brien, Man & Woman at MoMA, Museum of Modern Art, New York,

Rhonda Prince, Seeking Protection, Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA

Valerie Patterson, Waiting, Palos Verdes, CA

Danica O.Kus, Together, Bilbao, Spain

James Luckett, The Heart, the great cavity of the trunk

John Thurston, For love of a warm bed, San Diego California, Gaslamp Quarter

Jonas Adolfsen, Utban romance #13, Oslo, Norway

Lydia Panas, Marcello and Tatiana, Kutztown, Pennsylvania

Shannon Rowland O’Connor, Josie, Los Angeles, CA

Anita Masterson Johnston, Petals in the Wind, Mission, SD

Jane Gottlieb, Daydream, Sorrento, Italy

Joanna Black, Love Who, Edinburgh

Robbie Kaye, Green Hearts, Lanai, HI

John Neel, Hearts, Rochester, NY

Patricia Houghton Clarke, Family Tree, Santa Barbara

Donna Rosser, Epiphany, my kitchen

Ruth Dudley-Carr, Immediate, Boston, MA

Danielle Kelly, Single Roses, New York City

Mariya Ustymenko, In Simple Words, Kiev, Ukraine

Dennis Hodges, Reconciliation, Kansas

Bruce Long, Noah’s Arc de Paris, Paris, France.

Martin Gremm, Face Time, Bergisch Gladbach, Germany

Hollie A Miller, What’s Yours is Mine, City Market, Downtown Kansas City, MO

Faustinus Deraet, Abandoning Ania, Antwerp, Belgium

Harvey R. Zipkin, The Lovers, New York City.

Joseph M. Verrastro, Teasel Leaves, Seneca Bluffs, Buffalo New York

Sharon Boothroyd, Edelweiss, Oxford, England

Carson Sanders, Caged, Prince Edward, Hong Kong

David Saxe, Near Campo Di Fiori, Rome Italy

Daniel Porter, Biker, New Zealand

Irby Pace, Lazy Day, Denton Texas

Michele Wambaugh, Dancing Danaus, Houston, TX

Francesca Solloway, Tear of Love, Hampshire – England

Wendy Laurel, Blue Sky Day, Maui, Hawaii

While considering what image to use about what love means to me, I thought about family, friends, my dog, my cameras, and instead, what can I say, but… I LOVE NEW YORK!

Aline Smithson

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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