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2010 LENSCRATCH Family Exhibition

Bernd Reinhardt, Lena’s Little Feet, Los Angeles, CA

First of all, I want to extend a big thank you to all that participated by submitting your personal response to Family–it is a wonderful collection of familial moments and insights into more personal terrain.

I’ve written a couple of pieces on Family, one for Too Much Chocolate and one for Fraction Magazine. It’s a huge part of my photographic image making and one that, I think, connects us all in a profound way.

I wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving, or for those of you outside our borders, a wonderful holiday season. If you see something that moves you in the exhibition below, drop a line to a fellow photographer. Don’t forget to submit to The Favorite Photograph You Made in 2010, due on Dec. 27th. This will run on New Years Day.

It gives me great pleasure to present the 2010 Lenscratch Family Exhibition!

Jessica Todd Harper, Self Portrait with Marshall (with Lion), Philadelphia, PA 2010

Aline Smithson, My Favorite Things, Los Angeles, CA

Dawn Roscoe, The Family Portrait, Naperville, IL

Dave Jordano, Butch & Wiley, Gulfport, Illinois 2008

Warren Harold, Watering Hole, Houston, TX

Shawn Robinson, Loreni and Miles, Los Angeles, CA

Lydia Panas, Athens, 2010, Athens, Greece

Joanna Black, The Maultasch Baby, Edinburgh, Scotland

Ken Rosenthal, Seen and Not Seen #1164-3

Jessica Kane, Quiet Time at Stiles Lake, Stiles Lake – Spencer, MA

Nancy Baron, Ella Reclining, Los Angeles, CA

Elizabeth Fleming, Gathering, Carlisle, IA

Ashly Stohl, Untitled, Los Angeles, CA

Doug DuBois, Russell Heights, Cobb, Ireland, 2010

Peter Riesett, History, from the series Testament, Ellicott City, MD, 2007

Jefferson Hayman, Harper Dancing,, Tappan, NY

Dan Shepherd, Family Crosswalk, Sri Lanka, 2007

Karen Florek, New Blessing, Marina del Rey, CA

Kaity De Laura, Three Generations Of Vows, New Jersey

Linda Morrow,, Dadpower, Long Beach, CA

Britney Anne Majure, Brother and Sister with pet Parrot, from series Train Trestle Kids, Mississippi, Leaf River, MS

Jocelyn Allen, How?, London, UK

Tom Leininger, Front Moving In, Denton, TX

Michael Butler, Chloe & Me, Pacific Palisades, CA

Sheila Newbery, Nephew, Berkeley, CA, 2010

LeAnn Cannon, Untitled, South Carolina, USA

Bianca Dorso, Noah, Los Angeles, CA

Ruben Natal-San Miguel, untitled, Harlem Tribe, New York, NY 2010

Claude Peschel Dutombe, Love & Prayers, Manila, Philippines

David Strohl, New Addition, Maui, HI

Yoichi Nagata, Sketch of Autumn, Yokohama, Japan

Constance Hobbs, Winter Heart, Locust Valley, NY

Garry Loughlin, Cian& Fu, Dublin, Ireland

Deborah Parkin, Dream, from September is the Cruellest Month, Northumberland, UK

Desiree Edkins, Sparkler, AZ 2008

Dona Schwartz, Lu and Bruce, 2 years, Minneapolis, MN

Liz Huston, The Keeper of Family Secrets, Los Angeles, CA

Brad Buckman, Sunday, 8am, Downtown Los Angeles, CA

Kathleen Taylor, Gathering of Grandchildren, Chicago, IL

Victor Vargas Villafuerte, Sunday Afternoon, Montreal, Canada

Carly Miller, Family Reunion, Rochester, NY

Kristen Fecker Peroni, Thanksgiving 2009, Chelsea, MI

Jon Brown, Chemistry, New Forest Hampshire, UK

Patricia Lay-Dorsey, Phil and Scott, together 22 years, San Diego, CA

Arianna Sanesi, Adelaide, Prato, Italy

Jordanna Kalman, September, New York, NY

Priya Kambli, Muma, Sona and Me, Kirksville, MO

Marilyn Sanders, Family of Five, Santa Monica, CA

Shea Naer, Untitled 2010, Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NY

Steve Giovinco, Untitled ( Greenwich, #0800), Greenwich, CT

Elizabeth Wolynski, Waiting For The Parade, Las Vegas, NV, May 2010

Rachel Pierson, they didn’t even spell my name right, Municie, IN

Paige Fukuhara, Untitled (Chinatown 13), New York, NY

Sylvia de Swaan, With Simon, Patrick, and Paula from Friends and Family, Boston, MA

Riad Galayini, Tough Love, Los Angeles, CA

Julio M. Romero, Generic Family from Northwest Mexico on a Sunday, Tijuana

Allison Donnelly, Grandfather, Durham, NC

David Cory, Cousins and Cupcakes, South Bend, IN

Serrah Russell, First Step, Seattle, WA

Kati Mennett, Two, Boston, MA

Sara Jane Boyers, Mother Cat & Kitten from The Kitten’s Journey, Santa Monica, CA

Ashley West Leonard, Nausea, Los Angeles, CA

Veronica Hansen, Taking the Time, Southern Spain

Katrin Koenning, Zane and Kobe watching cartoons, from the series ‘Near’, Cleveland, Queensland Australia

Stan Raucher, Metro Line 3 near Coyoacan, Mexico City

Steve Giovinco, Untitled ( Greenwich , #0800), Greenwich , CT

Elizabeth Glorioso, Night-Night, Babies, Cleveland, OH

Suzanne Revy, Family Walk, Groton, MA

Randy Magnus, My Sister Marlaine with Grandpa, Central Valley, CA

Thomas Krueger, The Krueger Family, Danbury, IA

Marika Dee, untitled, Prizen, Kosovo

Nadia Sablin, Jen Jones and her Children, Phoenix, AZ

Sonia Paulino, Papá Nonon, Kissimmee, FL

Lane Collins, Untitled, Montezuma, Costa Rica

Jaime Permuth, Untitled (Pizarro family in their car), from the series Yonkeros, 2010 Willets Point, Queens

Kevin Thrasher, Amanda & Jay, Richmond, VA 2010

Sheri Lynn Behr. Ira and Ira (by Roxanne), Bard College, Annandale-on-Hudson, NY

Tom M. Johnson, Wolcott Sisters 2009, from the Lakewood Project, Lakewood, CA

Alexandra Hoffman, My Greatest Gift , Los Angeles CA

Sam Comen, Easter barbecue in Wasco, CA. April 12, 2009

Keith Prue, Columbus Day Parade, East Boston. MA,2006

Jennifer Shaw, Ice Pops, Enon, Louisiana

Frank Biringer, Untitled, from the series From the daydreamer’s diary, Stord, Norway

Paris Visone, Cole on Sunday, Peabody, MA

Mark Tanner,Daddy Shadow, Redondo Beach, CA

Michal Rubin, Silia & Mika taking a nap, Paris

Alek Lindus, Untitled, Washington Square Park, NY

Clint Weldon, Breakfast of Champions, Sarasota, FL

Valery Rizzo, Making Tiramisu, Southern Italy

Domenico Foschi, Couple, Los Angeles, CA

Allison Michael Orenstein, Ao & Simone, San Francisco, CA

Eric Bickford, Ninety Two Years and Three Months, Benicia , California

Gray Malin, Grandfather on his 90th Birthday, Dallas, TX

Will Kuberski, Birthday Girl, Brick, NJ

Cammie Toloui, Stumptown, Portland, OR

Bruce Barone, Family, The Lower Mill Pond, Easthampton, MA

Linda Plaisted, Sun and Daughter, Frederick, MD

Ellie Perez, Father, Baltimore, MD

Daniel Porter, Rosa, Ngatimoti, NZ, Dublin, Ireland

Claire Mallett, La Familia De Los Muertos, Olvera Street, Los Angeles, CA

Kurt Jordan, Kate and Graham, Mammoth, CA

Darren German, Mother and Daughter, Austin, TX

David Morris Cunningham, Wedding Party, 1950, Woodstock, NY

Deanna Dikeman, Crossword puzzles, Sioux City, Iowa, 3/05

Carl Corey, 2226, Ranch Family, South Dakota, 2008

Amelia Morris, 5 Macmilllan Gardens: What Was Left, Gateshead, United Kingdom

Jess T. Dugan, Michael and TT at home, Boston, MA, 2010

Linda Alterwitz, Unseen, from the series Beneath the Surface, Tucson, AZ, 2008

Cat Gwynn, Dad, you’re just not that cool, Los Angeles, CA

Deb Schwedhelm, Welcome Home, San Diego, CA

Russ Martin, Family Behind Bars, New York City, NY 1979

Gabriela Herman, How We Bathe, Chilmark, MA

Mimi Haddon, Shark Attack, Santa Monica, CA

Ellie Brown, Shaving Legs, Neddham, MA 2001

Gina Kelly, Kelsey, Cotati, CA

Philip B. Bowser, The Family Egg Hunt, Portland, OR

Sean Black, 1977, from the Dad series, Palm Springs, CA

Bill Chapman, Twins, St. Louis, MO, 1994

Alicia Gay, Supper Table, Loudon, Tennessee, 2009

C. Gary Moyer, Jersey Shore Wedding, Seaside Heights, NJ

Fiona Eloisa Wilson, Getting Her Husband Ready for Work, from the Store series, Ossining, NY

Rafael Ruchs, The Way We Live, New York City, NY

Helen K. Garber, Gorman, CA, 1998

Happy Thanksgiving to All!

Aline Smithson, Time Away from the Relatives, West Hartford, MA

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