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2013 LENSCRATCH Cell Phone Exhibition

Thank you so much for submitting your images to the 2013 LENSCRATCH Cell Phone exhibition. This democratic form of expression allows everyone a chance at artistry, but some have taken it to another level producing wonderful projects and new ways of making fine art, like Karen Divine and Sara Tune.
©Sara Tune
Multi-media artist who is a former documentarian, Dima Gavrysh created a well celebrated project, Inshallah, on soldiers and war (it will be featured in weeks to come)…
Photographer Eleonora Ronconi has created a cell phone series, Fragmentos, about her childhood memories in Argentina.
©Eleonora Ronconi
©Eleonora Ronconi
Fine art photographer, Alison Turner, has just returned from a year driving across the country and making work with her cell phone (soon to be featured in PDN).
©Alison Turner
She has also created a new series of cell phone portraits for her project, Reflected Identities.
 ©Alison Turner
©Alison Turner
I hate to say that a lot of my cell phone photographs are simply a visual journey through good meals, good times and things I want to remember, but that’s ok. I am totally inspired by the images above and by so many of your wonderful submissions .
 ©Aline Smithson
©Aline Smithson
Kaity De LauraForeign Places, Sparta, NJ
Russ Rowland, Palms, Aruba
Suzanne Goodwinthe sky is falling, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Valery RizzoBeach 88th Street, Rockaway Beach, NY
Alnis Stakle, Father from Strawberries With Milk, Livani, Latvia
Sushant Chhabria, Untitled, India
Christian DeBaunCircular Saw AccidentCharlottesville, Virginia
Joanne RojcewiczEverything becomes a gun, Sterling, VA
Thomas Kittel, Yeah, You Blend, Astoria, OR
Anne Berry, Horse, Palmetto, GA
Diane Peterson, Chloe, Forest, Idaho
Bill Chapman, Ariel, Cambridge, MA
Danielle Kelly, 162, New York City, NY
AnnMarie Tornabene, Time, South Ozone Park, NY
Shannon Rowland, Untitled, Los Angeles, CA
Laura Burlton,Voodoo Shoes, New Orleans, LA
Rachel Wolfe, Grace, Chicago, IL
Sara Fields, This One’s For the Birds, Austin, TX
Tori Ashton Quemada, Tunnel Traffic, Yokosuka, Japan
Hannah KozakMy Mother and Her Hello, Kitty, Reseda, California
Jameson Kergozou, Abbot’s Fish house, Meare, Somerset
Rachel Tarling, Zombie Me, Chicago, IL
Alana Rasbach, Over There, Nashville, TN
Mardi Linane, Champagne Bubbles (Iceland) Poppy, CA
Melissa Simser, Morning, Saratoga Springs, NY
Anindya Chakraborty, Angel, Piscataway, NJ

Donna Rosser, Going Home, taken near Palmetto, GA

Rachel Broad, Looking Up, Crowborough, East Sussex

Keith GoldsteinTuesday Morning, March 19, New York City, NY

Michelle Alexis Newman, Patty, 2013, Los Angeles, CA

Rosie Knightley, Train JourneyHampshire UK- Southampton
Cindy Crane, Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful, Los Angeles, CA

Thomas KittelTell Me More, Mr. Wilson, Astoria, OR

Winifred Simon, Shirley Ascending, Austin, TX

Randy Karg, Goose in window, Santa Fe, NM

JANE GOTTLIEB, Ball Buster, Santa Barbara, CA

Stephanie Cosby, Shower Curtain Prism, Memphis, TN

Vicki WhickerIn A Dogs Eye, Burlington Flats, NY

Brendan Bullock, Untitled, MA

Lauren Grabelle, Dead Things With Sugar, Bigfork, MT

Roxanne Worthington, Cinderella Escapes, San Francisco, CA

Frank Biringer, Untitled from the series Håpet er grønt, Stord

Frauke Langguth, Zug endet hier (Train stops here), Berlin, Germany

Michael Van der TolBarrels of Money, Skagway, AK

Suzanne GarnerSwag Guitar, Las Vegas, NV

Clarke Condé, Lunch, Austin, TX

Mary Anne Mitchell, Snowbird, Clayton, GA

Brandon Edwards, Skytrain Commute in Fog, Coquitlam, BC

Goseong Choi, The Net, Long Island, NY

Darrell Lecorre, Coffee Break, Vancouver, BC

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