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LENSCRATCH Favorite Photographs of 2011 Exhibition

Happy 2012! A huge thank you to all the hundreds of photographers that sent me their favorite images of 2011. Note that these images are favorites and speak to the photographer in a meaningful way. I love creating this annual post, allowing photographers who have never shared their work to sit along side significant image makers. They way I see it is that we all share a common passion and why not bump up against each other once in awhile.

I wish you all many successes in 2012 and that the joy of creating photographs continues to enrich your lives. Thank you for reading Lenscratch and for enhancing my life with your work. This post is created in 5 parts so as not to crash the rss feed (which happened last year). Simply keep going through older posts until you reach the end.

And finally I’m sharing my two favorites–the first is an image I’ve had in my head for a couple of years, and the second is more personal, a reflection of a life transforming trip.

Aline Smithson, Lexie with a Peacock, Los Angeles, CA

Aline Smithson, Red Lanterns, Beijing, China


Susan A. Barnett, Trouble from the series “Not In Your Face”, Houston, Texas

Kyohei Abe, Modern Banquet, Detroit MI

Jennifer Schlesinger-Hanson, Here nor there, Santa Fe, NM

Lydia Panas, Kitty, Christine and Kira, Kutztown, PA 19530

Polly Chandler, All You’ve Left Me Is A Feather On An Unmade Bed, Springfield, Missouri

Amanda Keller Konya, Gentleman’s Club, Los Angeles, CA

Charles Mintz, Coney Island – Gym, Brooklyn, NY

Larry Torno, Rechanneling Morris Louis, St. Louis, Missouri

Ann Mitchell, Bullocks Wilshire, Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA

Cat Gwynn, Winter Moon – December 2011, Los Angeles, CA

Anette Nordskog, Plastic Palm Trees, Euskirchen, Germany

Angela Bacon-Kidwell, not so silent 2011, Wichita Falls, TX

Monica Denevan, Convergence, China 2011

Ruben Natal- San Miguel, Hope, 2011 NYC

Michael Cannon, Chalkboard Girl, Santa Fe

Sean Perry, Love, New York , NY

Andi Schreiber, I’m His, New York City

Michael Massaia, Seeing The Black Dog#8, New Jersey Turnpike – 2011

Harvey Hanig, black belt is a state of mind, North Aurora, IL

Lori Pond, Canelo, Bill Steen’s backyard in Arizona

Pamela Dewey, Stonyford Morning, May 1, 2011, Stonyford Ranch, CA

Lauren Henkin, Fieldnotes, Oregon

Linda Alterwitz, “Number 16″ from the series In-Sight (Human Pet Scan/ Beach in Western US), Santa Monica, CA

Heidi Kirkpatrick, she’s an open book, Portland, OR

Bea Fresno, Morning Light. From the series “Santa Teresa”, Estancia Santa Teresa, Uruguay

Kevin J. Miyazaki, dead bee on the travel section, Wauwatosa, WI

Diane Cockerill, Edge of the Storm, Santa Monica mountains, CA

Susan Burnstine, Michigan & Monroe, 6:42AM, Chicago, Il

Donita Simpson, Studio, Detroit, MI

Ron Cillizza, Camper, Exeter, New Hampshire

Kathleen Laraia McLaughlin, Bubble Man Pete, Tuesdays at Garfield Park, Pasadena, CA

Bill Chapman, Grandpa Elliot and Kristin, New Orleans, LA

Barbara Breen, Tree Study, Ossabaw, GA

Gina Kelly, Akasha, Sebastopol, California

Jan von Holleben, The Pirats, Berlin, Germany

Ken Rosenthal, from the series The Forest #4987, Colville National Forest, WA

Emma Powell, Bear, made in Ames, IA

Liz Huston, “Mark Ryden in His Studio” 2011, Eagle Rock, CA

Fritz Liedtke, “Celine” from the series Astra Velum, Portland, Oregon

Liz Kuball, Untitled (Hollywood Hills), Los Angeles, California

Heather Oelklaus, “I’d Like To Thank” Body Bag Series, Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, CA

Candace Gaudiani, Cleveland 1450, Cleveland, OH

Betsy Schneider, Emma, Sharon, Massachusetts

Eleonora Ronconi, The Reflection of Him, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Debbie Poulin, Ashland Avenue Bridge, Chicago, Illinois

Fran Forman, Hangzhou Moon, Hangzhou, China

Anne Berry, Persephone, Belgium 2011

Ashley M. Jones, Thrifty Center, Savannah, Georgia

Alek Lindus, Dusk, Ormos, Samos, Greece

Robert Rutoed, Image from the series “Right Time Right Place”, Vienna, Austria

Sally Mars, Minneapolis, 2011

James Pepper Kelly, Near Mills Store, Castleton, Virginia

Domenico Foschi, War veteran, Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California

Philip B. Bowser, In the Pumpkin Patch, just outside Portland, Oregon

S. Gayle Stevens, through my looking glass, Downers Grove, Illinois

Kristianne Koch, Mask, San Clemente, CA

Julia Vandenoever,The text, My kitchen in Boulder, CO

Rouse & Jones, Grand Central Connection, Los Angeles, CA

Pilar Law, Palm, Hawaii

Mark Berndt, Rina – Artist/Broom Maker, Lomita, CA

Michael Van der Tol, On Qualicum Beach, Qualicum Beach, Vancouver Island

Jess T. Dugan, Korrie, Boston, MA

Ashley Kauschinger, Self Portrait Without You, Denton, TX

Randy Jennings, Juliet, Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park, Hamilton, OH

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