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The Favorite Photograph You Took in 2022 Exhibition

Happy New Year

Found Photograph, in the Smithson Collection

Happy 2023! Thank you to everyone who contributed photographs to this massive 14-part post. We received hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of images from every corner of the world. The work shared are favorite photos, not best photos, each holds something special to the photographer. If you don’t see your image, it was probably an incorrect size. We are sorry that we don’t have time to resize images. A HUGE thank you to Kassandra Eller for all her help with this effort.

May this year be healthy, happy, filled with love and peace. This community is the BEST part of the photographic journey and today, you’ve made it a little smaller (or larger). – Aline Smithson

Vicente Cayuela - The Gifts

©Vicente Cayuela, The Gifts, Boston, MA,

Pelin Guven

©Pelin Guven, Black tie, Beijing, China @pelinbg

Young woman in sunflower patch

©Marthanna Yater, Solidarity with Ukraine, Raleigh, NC @marthannayater

Hand MaidTale, Through The Looking Glass 12:12 Project

©Norma Córdova, “Offred”, Oakland, CA; @shesaidred


©Denis Serrano, Landscapes for the attempt, Oaxaca, Mexico @denserrano


©Lori Pond, Walt, Los Angeles, CA @loriapond

ShelbySteenbock - Shelby Steenbock (1)

© Shelby Steenbock, Rembrandt, Green Bay, WI

Darianemartiol - Dariane Martiol

©Dariane Martiól, Non-familiar Self portrait, Paraná, BR

RileyKizziar Everything You Dreamed Of - Riley Kizziar

©Riley Kizziar, 𝘌𝘷𝘦𝘳𝘺𝘵𝘩𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘠𝘰𝘶 𝘋𝘳𝘦𝘢𝘮𝘦𝘥 𝘖𝘧, Seattle, WA

Ronaldo Bolanos-1

©Ronaldo Bolanos, Hermana, Dallas, TX @roniibolanos_


©Patricia McElroy, Routine, Philadelphia, PA, @gillarua

Dapper - Daniel Eboreime

©Daniel Eboreime, Dapper, Toronto, ON

Grace McGrade Test 2022, Photoshoot, Los Angeles, Beachwood Canyon, California. Hair Stylist: Tania Becker, Wardrobe Stylist: Mandy Mitchell, Makeup Artist: Miranda Richards

© Eric Thompson, Grace, Los Angeles, CA

C_Deespues - Alejandro Flores

©Alejandro Flores, Ascendant Here On, Monterrey México

Filipe_Bianchi - filipe bianchi

© Filipe Bianchi, Untitled, Venice, Italy

Nancy_Hamel_Nhi_Courant - Nancy Nhi

© Nancy Hamel (Nhi), Courant, Montreal, Qc

Ayaz Yıldız - Ayaz Yıldız

©Ayaz Yıldız, I am not an Image, Istanbul, TR @_ayazyildiz_

Havana, Cuba, 15/02/2022 Evelyn Corvea is a Cuban actress and dissident. That day, she had just filled up her visa application for Spain and looking back, this time spent on a rooftop overlooking Havana looks like a melancholic farewell to a city she loves but has become suffocating. "I was born in a country where the possibility of finding oneself outside "The Revolution", outside the dream of a man named Fidel, is tiny. As children, they uniform us, they teach us that we must integrate into the mass and vanish into it. I have an intense need to exist as an individual. Therefore political, religious or any other indoctrination is intolerable for me.  Every time I perform in a play, it is a ritual of liberation. I enjoy experiencing myself doing what is forbidden, mocking authority, leaders, and ideals. I undress, I run, I scream. These little illegal moments allow me to touch the essence of being alive. They are what made me want to be an actress"

©Marylise Vigneau, Portrait of Evelyn Corvea Before Exile, Havana, Cuba

Sergey Nazarov_Ks - Sergey Nazarov

©Sergey Nazarov, Ks, Saint Petersburg

Ania_Moussawel - Ania Moussawel

©Ania Moussawel, Violet at 7, Miami, FL

IMG_20221003_163050 (1) - Hashim Nasr

©Hashim Nasor, sculpture of him, Khartoum sudan

NataliiaRevak - Re Fo

©Nataliia Revak, Man, Brooklyn, NY

Mauro Curti - mauro curti

©Mauro Curti, Papá, Cuneo, Italy

Ellenville Ice Caves 008

©Hannah Nigro, Untitled, Ellenville, NY, @hannahnigro

Albert_Kirsten - Kirsten Albert

© Kirsten Albert, Sam, Los Angeles, CA

© Jenny Irene Miller, Mom in the sun, Albuquerque, NM 2022

© Jenny Irene Miller, Mom in the sun, Albuquerque, NM @jennyirenemiller


© Kylie Maxfield, Piper & Sunny , Arcata, CA @kyliemaxfield_

Edwards_Eli_FriendsPlayingWithFire_2022 - Elijah Edwards

©Eli Edwards, Friends Playing with Fire , Brooklyn, NY


©Aleksandra Mrówczyńska, Near or far?, Cieszyn, Poland

Susan_Rosenberg_Jones - Susan Rosenberg Jones

©Susan Rosenberg Jones, Susan and Joel TV Ritual, New York City, NY


©Helynn Ospina, I ate the pie, Twain Harte, CA @helynn.ospina


©Catherine Kunkemueller, Do Not Touch, New York, NY @ckfa5


©Kerstin Niemöller, Bunkerview, Frankfurt am Main/Germany, ©kerstinniemoeller

Terry Frishman

©Terry Frishman, Bagged, New York, NY, @TerryFrishman_Photographer


©Mirja Paljakka, Dreaming, Ylojarvi, Finland,@paljakkamirja


© Donna Tramontozzi, Comin’ In, Provincetown, MA, @dmtozzi

FD30207C-423A-41F6-A598-D567C16E6787 - Sabine Sfeir

©Sabine Abourrousse, Beirut, Lebanon


©Maureen Ruddy Burkhart, #RESIST, Westminster, Colorado @mophotoartist

©Donna Dangott_ I Dreamt We Could Fly_2022

©Donna Dangott, I Dreamt We Could Fly, College Station, TX, @ddangott


©Nadide Goksun, Nurdane, Bodrum, TURKEY @nadidegoksun


©Jaina Cipriano, Art of Seperation, Lowell, MA @jainastudio


©Dia Jade, Piled Up, Detroit, MI @diaoptics


©nmcguirstudio, Reflections of fall, Bolton, MA @nmcguirestudio

Dean Forbes splendor amongst the leaves 2

©Dean Forbes, Splendor Amongst the Leaves, Seattle, WA


©Julia Vandenoever, Frozen, Boulder, CO @juliavandenoever


©Karen Glenn, A Little Bit Dali, Honolulu, HI @karenjglenn

Andy Mckay

©Andy Mckay, Spirit of the Woods, Brecon Beacons.


©Frauke Langguth, New Flowers, Brandenburg, Germany @frauke_langguth


©Vicky Stromee, From Above, San Francisco, CA @vickystromeephotography

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