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LENSCRATCH Personal Favorites of 2009 Exhibition

Wow, what can I say, but this has been so much fun to see what you have selected for your own favorite image of 2009 (that you took). It was like getting a present every time I opened my e-mail. Thank you so much for sharing!

I find that often my favorite images are the most personal or the newest, and don’t necessarily mean the same thing to the public as they do to me, but in any case, it’s wonderful to have some insight into what you’re lovin’. Aaron Hobson, wrote me, have you ever noticed that your own personal favorite never or rarely seems to be the overall “crowd” favorite? All of my favorites are never used, but it’s the one’s I found that I had a little less love for that get put on blogs or asked to use in publications. I find that very perplexing. Or maybe it’s just me? I couldn’t agree more.

There is no order here, it’s just how the work came in, so make a cup of coffee, sit back and celebrate our rich visual community. If you really like an image, click on it to make it bigger, and even send your fellow photographer an e-mail. Here’s a toast to all to good things happenning for Fine Art Photographers in 2010. If nothing else, we have each other!

Image by Tom Chambers, Sacchrine Perch, Richmond VA

Image by Angela Bacon Kidwell, Devotion, Wichita Falls, Texas

Image by Aaron Hobson, walking away from 2009 and all the the economic, social, and enviornmental collapses/failures, Adirondack Park, NY

Image by Jessica Hines, Untitled, from Odd Stories, Statesboro, Georgia

Image by Alison V. Smith, Rockport, Maine

Image by Liz Kuball, Untitled, Santa Barbara, CA

Image by Lydia Panas, Marcello and the summer visit, Kutztown, PA

Image by Ann Texter, Georgetown, TX

Image by Doug DuBois, Kevin’s 18th Birthday Party, Cobh, Ireland

Image by Bill Vaccaro, Trojan Horse, Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin.

Image by Phil Toledano, loulou marmalade (Phil’s daughter)

Image by Susan Burnstine, On The Crest , Santa Monica, CA

Image by Dave Jordano, Harry, New Grand Chain, IL

Image by Keith Johnson, Rain Falls from Suite Niagara

Image by J. Wesley Brown, Joshua Tree, CA

Image by Ken Rosenthal,

Image by Kevin J. Miyazaki, clementine in green produce bag , Milwaukee, WI

Image by Damion Berger, from Black Powder, Jardin des Tuilleries in Paris

Image by Craig McKibbin, Alix, Leeds, UK

Image by Gil Garcetti, Burma/Myanmar

Image by Mark Berndt, Boise, ID

Image by Douglas Ethridge, Seal Rock, Oregon

Image by Blue Mitchell, Castles in the Sand, Manzanita Beach, Oregon Coast

Image by C Gary Moyer, Sin from Neon Boneyard, Las Vegas, NV

Image by Meg Birnbaum, Sleeping With Stars

Image by Kate Orne, Himalayas’ above McLeod Ganj

Image by Adam Neese, Chicago, IL

Image by Caleb Cole,untitled, Boston, MA

Image by Tom M. Johnson, Cylinder, from Out of Service, Long Beach, CA

Image by Noelle Swan Gilbert, Rabbit Ears, from The Space between Innocence and Grief, Seattle, WA

Image by Nate Larson + Marni Shindelman, Geolocation (Swine Flu)
In the project, we’re using embedded geotags to place Twitter tweets on a map, and then photographing the location

Image by Ellen Rennard, Dennis, Downs at Albuquerque, Albuquerque, NM

Image by Helen K. Garber, Santa Monica Pier at Sunset, 360 degree View

Image by Ann Mitchell, Untitled, Arizona

Image by Patricia Meisels, Cabo San Lucas Marina at Dusk

Image by Michael Butler, Annapolis Maryland

Image by Eileen Kennedy, Snow in the Square, Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia

Image by Garret Clarke, Tainan County, Southern Taiwan

Image by Sherry Karver, The Flower Seller

Image by Tina Schelhorn, Colonge

Image by Gray Malin, Hollywood, CA

Image by Angela Palmieri, see the forest through the trees. Loxahatchee Groves, FL

Image by Aleksander Nowak, 19A Bus, Dublin, Ireland

Image by Paris Visone, from The Thought Series

Image by Ron Resnick, Geology Trail, Joshua Tree National Park, CA

Image by Tread, OMG Animal Chin, Lexington, KY

Image by Dalton Rooney, Connetquot State Park, New York

Image by Suzanne Revy, Townsend, Massachusetts

Image by Richard M. Coda, Trees, Miami, AZ taken with a 4×5 Arca-Swiss

Image by Gordon Stettinus, Best Friends Day, Richmond, Virginia, from the series Notes from U.S. Route 1

Image by Sara Jane Boyers, Ming’s Cafe, Bakersfield, CA

Image by Deb Schwedhelm, through the clouds, Lansing, KS

Image by Dan Connolly, Ken’s, Scarborough, Maine

Image by Michael Kirchoff, Resurrection Gate, Moscow, Russia

Image by David Wolf, Fern Leaf from Nurturing Time, Life in a Backyard Garden, San Francisco, CA.

Image by Karen Florek, Seeing Through, Los Angeles, CA

Image by Todd Stern, Which Is Me?, Venice, CA

Image by William C. Hutton Jr., Beach Doggie Dog, Ft. Meyers Beach, FL

Image by David Gardner, Frozen Plains, South Dakota

Image by Cathy Immordino

Image by Luka Knezevic-Strika, anja in bukovac, serbia

Image by Jennifer Henriksen, Wonder,, Toronoto, Ontario, Canada

Image by Russ Martin, Dancing Flower, from The Hosta Project, Poughkeepsie, NY

Image by Abba Richman, Tel Aviv, Israel

Image by Marcia Schulman Martin, Crystalline, Poughkeepsie, NY

Image by Nancy Baron, Mike and Bob, Palm Springs, CA

Image by Balazs Sprenc, Hungary

Image by Sheila Newbery, a portrait of California
landscape painter and Berkeley resident Peter Canty

Image by Elizabeth Avedon, Soma Watanabe, son of photographer Hiroshi Watanabe, explores the Alexey Brodovitch Galleries.
(Hearst 8 X 10 Photographers Biennial Meet The Artists Event)

Image by Jacqueline Walters, Secret of the Feminine, Amsterdam. NL

Image by Kathleen Laria McLauglin, Brendan and Darth, Los Angeles, CA

Image by Toni Lewis, Phoenix, AZ

Image by Ansley Simmons, Bridge and Trains, New Orleans, LA

Image by Arianna Sanesi,Vitosha Mountains, Bulgaria, June

Image by Douglas Stockdale, Two Little Gunslingers, San Juan Capistrano, CA

Images by John Bergholm, Broadway in North Beach, San Francisco

Image by Cole Burston, Sterling, ON/Canada

Image by Lydia Marcus, Yucca, Arizona off historic Route 66

Image by Laurie McCormick, Fantasy Realized, Brentwood, CA

Image by Gerhard Clausing, Craggy Range, New Zealand

Image by Jamie Johnson, PEACE, Los Angeles, CA

Image by Phil Bebbington, Finokalia (Φινοκαλιά), Crete

Image by Ferit Kuyas

Image by Ahmer Inam, Flea Market Toys, Charlotte, NC

Image by Jon Witsell, Brooklyn, NY

Image by Patricia Clarke, Herbie, Santa Barbara, CA

Image by Constance Hobbs, Swanflight, Lattingtown Preserve, Long Island, NY

Image by Verner Soler, My Sister and the Leaf Blower in the Swiss Alps

Image by Johannes Vaanderbildt, Untitled, Hamburg, Germany

Image by Sheri Lynn Behr, Wrinkle Decline from GAZE, Chinatown, NY

Image by Oscar Ciutat, Barcelona, Spain

Image by Warren Harold, Houston, TX

Image by Mimi Haddon, Krystal

Image by Siri Kaur, Screen, Ventura, CA

Image by Maura Brennan, Los Angeles, CA

And finally, an image submited by Tracy M Griggs (taken by Drew McMullen), just because she loved it:

Here’s to a great 2010! Keep in touch!

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