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The 2/22/22 Exhibition: Pairs and Diptychs


© Josephine Sacabo, One Another, New Orleans, LA, @jsacabo

Today’s post celebrates this unusual day in history when the twos line up to create a “Twosday”.  In numerology, the number 2 is associated with heightened intuition and sensitivity, as well as the strength and power that comes from connection and collaboration. The U.S. will also see its first-ever Pluto return on Feb. 22, 2022, which could mean big things for your career, so start manifesting!

“The energy of Feb. 22 is concentrated in areas of partnerships, so the day will push you to focus on your ability to perform as a team with others. The spiritual influence of the 2/22/2022 is related to awakenings, insights, and revelations towards a higher state of mind. The purpose of the 2s is to learn cooperation and harmony and to reestablish a point of balance. Because this number represents the union of people and concepts, this date can bring forth clarity for those who are at a crossroads in their career or relationships and can bring harmony to these areas of life.”

Thank you for sharing your pairs and diptychs on this very special Twosday!


© Carl Moore, “Yudelmis,” Cathedral – Santiago de Cuba, @cmoore69


©Pablo Fanque’s Fair, El otro – el mismo, Yaroslavl, Russia @pablofanques_fair

Sara Sonnenblick

©Sara Sonnenblick, Uncensored, Plantation, Florida


©Mimi Haddon, Drea, Los Angeles, CA Hair Artist: @petersavic Dance Artist: Drea Sobke


©Ingrida ,”FRIENDSHIP”, Lithuania


©Valentin Sidorenko, It’s always light under the ground, Gornyak, Russia, @dutca_sidor


© Katie Adkins, Four Feet Above Ground, Little Rock, AR @katieadkinsphotography

Luka Lukasiak and Dellfina Dellert

©Luka Lukasiak and Dellfina Dellert, Warsaw,Poland, @lugreatwizard and @dellfina Title:”Stork and Two Lillies”

Jane Waggoner Deschner

©Jane Waggoner Deschner “wedding blackout No. 23” Billings, MT (hand-painted found photos) © janewaggonerdeschner

Albertina Norman

© Albertina Norman, Ode to Frida Kahlo Twins, Orange County, CA @aldnorman


©Camilla Broadbent, Dark Angels, London, UK

Leanne_Trivett_Self Portrait_Brookfield Dr. #3

©Leanne Trivett, Brookfield Dr. #3, Johnson City, TN @leannerockstar

Famous Wolf Saying Desktop Wallpaper

©Karina Thyra, Crowning Glory,Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand @karinathyra


© Giulia Hrvatin, Split, Rome, Italy @giuliahrvatin


©Barbara Coleman, Come Play with Us, Chicago, IL IG @colemanstudio


©Joan Lobis Brown, Two Too, Havana, Cuba, @joanlobisbrown


©Stefania Kossakowska, Look into her eyes, Cardiff, Wales @stef_koss

Amy Fleming_2_22_22Exhibition

©Amy Fleming, My Friend Lexi, Sycamore, IL @amymariefleming

Cassie_Dawn_Dawson_ matching keychains matching everythings

©Cassie Dawn Dawson, matching keychains matching everythings, Knoxville, TN @waitingondawn

Jordan Newbold

©Jordan Newbold, Monroe, Florida, FL @in.tellectual

Michael Prouting

©Michael Prouting, Marie, Oakland, CA @MikeFromNZ

Josie Rybczyk-- a mother's love

©Josie Rybczyk, A Mother’s Love, East Granby, Connecticut @josie_rybczyk


©Bettina Stammen, Untitled, New York, NY @bettinastammen

Mauricio_Murillo_Sisterly Love

©Mauricio Murillo, Sisterly Love, Orlando, FL @crummygummy


©Frances Isaac, KissKiss, Norwalk, CT @fvi_photo

@JoannaMadloch, Siblings, NYC, NY

©Joanna Madloch, Siblings, NYC, NY @joanna_madloch

Peacock and Poodle

©Angela C. Brown, Peacock and Poodle, Chimayo, NM @acbweb


©Mark Holley, Wrestlers, Los Angeles, CA IG: @_mark_holley


©Mikayla Shuster, Don’t Be Alarmed Now, Hampshire, IL @mikayla.shuster

Britta Manges

©Britta Manges, Set Of Choppers, Pittsburgh, PA

July 5, 2019 - Wrapped sculptures at the corner of 52nd Street and the Avenue of the Americas (6th Ave) in NYC. The two sculptures by artist Jim Dine are bronze renderings of "Venus de Milo" statues and with a 3rd sculpture on 53rd street are collectively titled "Looking Toward the Avenue". I happened to be in NYC in the fall of 1989 when the sculptures were being delivered and were still wrapped. Only recently did I happen to walk by and realize the wrapped sculptures weren't the final art. So, now I feel better about "owning it".

©Jeff Schewe, Wrapped Sculptures, New York City, @jeffschewe,


©Amy Parrish, Untitled, Kolkata, WB, India @amyparrish


©Alanna Floreck, “Twin” Telepathy, New Paltz, NY, @alannafloreck


©Laura Beth Davidson, Truly Me, Charlottesville, VA @laurabeth.davidson


©Lynne Breitfeller, Curlers and Communion, Bergen County, NJ @lynnebreitfellerphoto

Mitch Cullin

©Mitch Cullin, Street Treats, Mérida, MX @mitchcullin4


©Tristan Partridge, Working Together, San Isidro de Juigua (Ecuador) IG @tristan_partridge_photo

Ann George_Double Due

©Ann George, Double Due, Twinsburg, Ohio @anngeorgephotography (note these are twin sisters pregnant at the same time and photographed together)

Anastasia Sierra

©Anastasia Sierra, Twins, Pacifica, CA @anastasiasierra

©Olga Mikhailova-Yarovaya

©Olga Mikhailova-Yarovaya, Behind your back, Saint-Petersburg, Russia, @photojarovey


©Suszi McFadden, Duet, Santa Clara, CA @suzmcfaddenphoto Model: @flannerymays


©Matt Roberts, Cathy, 1977 and 2021, Montclair, NJ @mattrobertsphotog


©Alberto Mesirca, Sisters, Santa Monica, CA @albertomesircaphoto


© Lăcră Grozăvescu , Dualism, Bucharest, Romania @lacra.grozavescu


©AJ Briggs, October 31, 2021, Brooklyn, NY @ajbriggsnyc


©Vivian Keulards, Heddy & Hansje, Netherlands @viviankeulards


©Kayee C, Sisters 9, Paris, FR @ckayee.photographer


©Rongguo Gao, Identical Twins, China, @rongguogao


©Marcus Journey, Eric, and Jason, Twinsburg, OH IG @mjourney

2 Equal Buds

©Stan Banos, 2 Equal Buds, San Francisco, CA


©Jeanne Atkin, Summer Stroll 2019, Washington Heights, NYC @jeanneatkin

Romain Ruiz_Les Bethmalais

©Romain Ruiz, Les Bethmalais, Vallée du Bethmale, France @romainruiz_

Susquehanna St Park MD

©Mark Indig, Susquehanna State Park, Havre de Grace, Maryland

David Cossini

©David Cossini, Twins, Canberra, Australia. IG: @canipsi


©Celeste Fichter, Halved, Spring Lake, NJ IG @celestefichter

56289 Bailey Quinlan

©Bailey Quinlan, Porta-potties, Kanab, UT @bailey_quinlan_

© William Mark Sommer

©William Mark Sommer, Twin Arrows Trading Post, Route 66, AZ, @williammarksommer

CandleLitCandleSnuffed_Rusty J. Joerin

©Rusty J. Joerin, Candle Lit, Candle Snuffed, Qualicum Beach BC, @woodsgift


© Niki Grangruth, Keeping the Candles Lit, Chicago, IL

© Diana Greene

© Diana Greene Hanging Together Chacala, Mexico lookout_girl

Joseph Le Conte Middle School in Los Angeles, CA.

©Sally Ann Field, Party Line, Los Angeles, CA @sallyannfield


©h_hanig, stop stop, Batavia, IL


©Corinna Lueg, Let There B Light, New South Wales, Australia

Anne Evans

©Anne Evans, Isolation, Fairport Harbor, OH @aweimages

Deniz Tunalıer

©Deniz Tunalıer, Trees of Life, Eskişehir, Türkiye, @deniztunalier


©Jarred Knorr, Ghost, Heislerville, NJ @Knorrdesigns

Volviendo A La Raíz by Paola Katherine Rodriguez

©Paola Katherine Rodriguez, Volviendo a la raíz (Returning to the roots), Buritaca, Magdalena, Colombia

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