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The 2017 Photographic Conversations Exhibition


©Stefania Piccioni, Autunno Melograni, Ascoli Piceno, IT ©Raffaella Stringa, Pomegranates, Tortona, IT


©Raffaella Stringa, Overcrowding, Tortona, IT ©Stefania Piccioni, Pascolo, Ascoli Piceno, IT

The genesis of the 2017 Photographic Conversations Exhibition came from my experience of being involved in daily conversations in a 3 year project, Six Shooters, and later as part of the collaborative project, A New Nothing. These visual connections with other photographers allow me to work outside my normal practice and use photographs that ordinarily might not see the light of day. And, to be honest, it’s stimulating, inspiring, and fun to work with another photographer.

There are numerous projects that connect photographs, in fact, the Metropolitan Museum in NYC is featuring the exhibition, Talking Pictures: Camera-Phone Conversations Between Artists and Tara Wrays’ Some Days Just Are has recently come to my attention. Thank you to all who jumped into the collaborative waters–I hope you consider ways to continue your conversations. There are three pages, so keep going!

And now, The 2017 Lenscratch Photographic Conversations Exhibition!


©Traer Scott (left), Bailee, Euthanized from Shelter Dogs series, Providence, RI   ©Shannon Johnstone (right) Stardust and Ashes #25, from Stardust and Ashes, Cary, NC


©Traer Scott (left), Pygmalion, Euthanized from Shelter Dogs series, Providence, RI   ©Shannon Johnstone (right) Stardust and Ashes #13, from Stardust and Ashes, Cary, NC

Traer Scott and Shannon Johnstone share a love of the under dog. Both artists champion homeless animals, and hope to tell their stories with dignity and grace. In this photographic conversation, the artists combined a portrait of a dog who never a home from Scott’s “Shelter Dog” series, and paired it with an image from Johnstone’s Stardust and Ashes. Stardust and Ashes is series of cyanotypes made from sunlight and ashes of euthanized animals from the animal shelter. By combining these portraits, the artists hope to provide a picture of who these dogs once were, where they are now, and mourn the passing of their existence.

© Sarah Belclaire, Boston, MA   © Frances Jakubek, Brooklyn, NY


© Paul Puiia, Tuscon, AZ   © Frances Jakubek, Brooklyn, NY,


©Debra Bilow, Finnish Countryside No. 1, Finland 2017   ©Felice Simon, See/Through No. 3, Brooklyn, NY 2017


©Debra Bilow, Wall, Walk, Fence, Finland 2017    ©Felice Simon, Dimming of the Day, Coney Island, NY 2017


©Aaron Hobson and Mark Hobson, Conversations 1


©Aaron Hobson and Mark Hobson, Conversations 2


©Kelly Burgess, Rock Meadow   ©Lizzy Affa, Bird

Ruben-Sally-Lenscratch (1)

©Ruben Natal-San Miguel, Not Just Another Vanilla Portrait, 2016  ©Sally Davies Avenue B Caddy Harlem, NY Lower East Side, NY, 2015

Dostatni_Handler (1)

©Yvette Marie Dostatni, Coney Island Tattoo, New York, New York.  ©Meg Handler, Charlie Scarlett awaits her stage, Chicago, IL. 2017

Handler_ Dostatni (1)

©Meg Handler, Concertgoers, Chicago, IL. 2017   ©Yvette Marie Dostatni, Pisa Parking Lot, Niles, Illinois


©Sarah Baranski, A Constant Disappointment, 2017, Chicago, IL    ©Julie Weber, Reshape Perception, 2017, Chicago, IL


© Julie Weber, Exercise Your Rights, 2017   © Sarah Baranski, Trapped, 2017

vis con

©Yvette Meltzer, Both Sides Now, Chicago, IL   ©Vicky Stromee, What’s Left Behind, Tucson, AZ


©Nancy Oliveri, Oil Tapestry,Gowanus Canal, NYC   ©Russ Rowland, Subway Ad 155th Street, NYC


©Sally Ann Field, Payphone Pairing, Los Angeles, CA  ©Beth Dubber, Cambria 2013, Cambria, CA


©Andy Mckay, Land of the Giants, Oxford, UK   ©Georgia Matsamaki, Land of the Noble Giant, Chania-Crete, Greece


©Andy Mckay, Brill Windmill, Oxford, UK   ©Georgia Matsamaki, Brill Windmill Creature, Chania-Crete, Greece

Berendina Buist and Patricia A Bender Untitled 1

© Berendina Buist and Patricia A. Bender, Untitled 1, New York, NY and Somerset, NJ

Berendina Buist and Patricia A Bender Untitled 2

© Berendina Buist and Patricia A. Bender, Untitled 2, Curacao, NL, Du Bois, PA


©Christine Serchia & Emily Cappa, An innumerable longing for, London, UK & Hartford, CT

Photographs in Conversation SS DNJ

©Diana Nicholette Jeon, Untitled (Agate), Bolinas, CA  ©Shane Sakata, Mission House Windows, Honolulu, HI

Photographs in Conversation (1)

©Gina Costa, No Where/Now Here, No. 5, Naples, Italy   ©Yvette Meltzer, Clever Camouflage, Rehovot, Israel


©Sarah Goseyun, Bylas, AZ  ©Mike Vos, Central Oregon

Renata and Joana In conversation

©Laís Pontes, Renata Born Nowhere, London, UK   ©Joana P. Cardozo, Blueprint 15 – Renata, New York, NY


©James Collins, Night Reflections, Boston, MA   ©Ed Grossman, Indivisible, Mattapoisett, MA


©Angelika Schilli, Flamingos, Calistoga, CA  ©Adrienne Defendi, Blue Baton Girls, Cambria, CA


©Heidi Clapp-Temple, Reaching, Tampa, FL   ©Michael Conway, Prowl II, St Petersburg, FL


©Ji Yeo, IMG_0804, South Korea  ©Eui-Jip Hwang, Plastic Surgery Sample #1, South Korea


©Ji Yeo, IMG_0805, South Korea  ©Eui-Jip Hwang, Plastic Surgery Sample #2, South Korea


Photographs In Conversation #1 ©Peter Nilsson and ©Mark Hobson


Photographs In Conversation#2 ©Peter Nilsson and ©Mark Hobson

Rachel D and Elle H Photographers in Conversation

©Rachel Darke, Before The Drive, Groveland Massachusetts  ©Elle Howard, False Homecomings, Valparaiso Indiana


©Jessica Ekern, Against the Grain, Ossabaw Island   ©Anja Bruehling, Iceland Horses, Iceland


©Jessica Ekern, Frozen in Time, Ossabaw Island   ©Anja Bruehling, Iceland Fish Ropes, Iceland


©Hector Rene, Grand Old Party, United States of America   ©José A. Alvarado Jr., Payette-Idaho: U.S.A., Payette, ID

2 (1)

©Hector Rene, Wargaming, Poland   ©José A. Alvarado Jr., Payette-Idaho: U.S.A., Payette, ID


©Shane Sakata, A Day at the Beach, Honolulu, HI   ©Diana Nicholette Jeon, Untitled (Agate), Bolinas, CA

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