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YOUR Favorite Photograph of 2018 Exhibition

Man Reading the Bible to the Street, Kenly, NC 2018

©Dave Jordano, Man Reading the Bible to the Street, Kenly, NC 2018, From my 2018 Eyes on Main Street Residency, Wilson, North Carolina. Instagram, @dave.jordano

Happy New Year! A big thank you to our readers for your submissions but more importantly to the wonderful folks that keep this site alive: Val Patterson, Linda Alterwitz, Julia Bennett, Jonas Yip, Paula Riff, Patty Lemke, Brian Van de Wetering, Katie Harwood, Daniel George, Amanda Dalhgren, Megan Ross, and all our other contributors. It truly takes a village. And finally, thank you to all those who have donated to the site this year, your contributions will allow some exciting things ahead. Now get cracking and go makes some photographs on this special day.


©Martin Eberlen, The Bognor Cockle, Bognor Regis (England),


©Dotan Saguy, Cruising on the Malecon, Havana, Cuba

Velocity 7464

©David Pace, Velocity 7464, Kyoto, Japan


©Linda Alterwitz, Abandoned, Las Vegas, NV

Amy Parrish_On the Mesa

© Amy Parrish, On the Mesa (Places I Slept), Taos, NM

Hexie Hao

©Jean-Luc Feixa, Hexie Hao, China


©Gina Costa, Night Stories No.5, Austin,TX

Jeremy Shatan Lens Scratch

©Jeremy Shatan, Hierarchy, Midtown Manhattan, NY

Opera House - Metro Station - Paris, France 2018

©Michael Hyatt, Opera House – Metro Station, Paris, France


©Sally Ann Field, Daily Grind, London, England

Color Digital Multiple Layer Photo

©Denis Hagen, Actual Time With Figure, Various, Midwest


©Ben Altman, Vortex, Southampton, UK

Suntown by Yuriy Zaveryukha

©Yuriy Zaveryukha, Suntown, Chicago, IL

favorite2018 ffuerst

©Frank Fuerst, Morning Skyline, Chicago, IL


©David Nankervis, Beneath the FDR, New York, NY

Justin Hopkins_Luminous_181125

©Justin Hopkins, Luminous, Vancouver, WA

Color photo of the top floor of a parking garage and water tower in Lakeshore, Mississippi.

©Jan Arrigo, Car Park and Water Tower, Lakeshore, MS


©Kathryn Dunlevie, Air France, Paris, France


©Jason Rice, Man In Bush, New York, NY


©William Damanka Jr, Teepee, Manchester, MD

Crosby County Texas Ralls Cemetery TX HWY 114

Ginger Sisco Cook, Crosby County Texas, Ralls Texas Cemetery, Sept 2018


©Davida Carta, Momentum, Cape Cod, MA


©Dineke Versluis, Privacy, Zeeland, The Netherlands


©Marian Haringsma, The strange awareness of being infinite, Achill Island, NL


©Irene Tondelli, A’ Muntagna, Sicilia, IT

Children's playground, Alexandr_Polyantsev

©Alexandr Polyantsev, “Children’s playground”, Arkhangelsk Region, Russia


©Juliet Degree, The Deer, Brewster, MA


©Nicholas Romano, Mattress/Fulton St., Ann Arbor, MI


©Frank Mullaney, Painting of a Young Child, Savannah, GA


©Kevin Flynn, Lost Boy #22, Studio

kosiorek marta

©Marta Kosiorek, Jeff , Los Angeles, CA, Jeff moved to La from Buffalo, NY. forthe weather in the 90s. When he goes out he keeps his credit card on the top of his head under his hat. it is the safest place.


©Benedetta Ristori,Resort Town“, Fiuggi, Italy

Yorgos-Efthymiadis_Grey Felt Hat

©Yorgos Efthymiadis, Grey Felt Hat, Cambridge, MA


©Phyllis Schwartz, Morning, Vancouver, Canada


©Jeff O’Keeffe, Mammoth Hot Springs, Chicago, IL

©Elizabeth Greenberg, Moonlight, Thomaston,

©Elizabeth Greenberg, Moonlight, Thomaston, ME

Lenscractch - Fakhteh

©Mohammad Dadsetan, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Tehran, Iran


©Stephanie Sydney, Dreaming Reflects, Los Angeles, CA


©Sandra Klein, Grief, Japan

AO_A Child’s Baldessari (1)

©Avital Oehler, A Child’s Baldessari, Los Angeles, CA

Geometry 199 - Bender

©Patricia A. Bender, Geometry 199, Somerset, NJ

H Ross Dre of Absent Minded Transgressions

©Heather Ross, Dreams of Absent Minded Transgressions, Taos, NM

Because of Blue

©Paula Riff, Because of Blue, Los Angeles, CA

2018 Mojave National Ptreserve Artist in Residence, January 2018. (Gerard Burkhart Photo.

©Gerard Burkhart, January 21, 2018, 6:33 p.m., Kelso Dunes, Mojave National Preserve, California.


©Eva Gjaltema, Lieuwen, Berlin, Germany

Paul Morris Favourite Photo 2018 Submission

©Paul Morris, Becky and Bubble, Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie, France

ClevelandOctober 09, 20180071-Edit

©Charles Mintz, Choir-Rainey Institute, Cleveland, OH

© Laurie Freitag, The GIrl in the Striped Scarf, Los Angeles, CA

© Laurie Freitag, The Girl in the Striped Scarf, Los Angeles, CA


©Jamie Johnson, Black Eye, Irish Traveller, Bradley Ireland 2018


©Donna Rosser, Farewell Elton, Atlanta, GA


©Vicky Markolefa, Dervishes, Instabul, Turkey


©Seb Leban, The Purim Banquet, Jerusalem, Israel

Chaos at Wrigley

©Larry Chait, Chaos at Wrigley, Chicago, IL

Nuestra Cometa

©Kevin B. Jones, Nuestra Cometa, Cali Colombia


©Stephen Snowder, Protester, Red Bank, NJ

No More Wars (1)

©Yongqi Liu, No More Wars, New York City

Russian Hookers - Copyright Cindy Bendat 2018 for Lenscratch

© Cindy Bendat, Russian Hookers, Beverly Hills, CA


©Carol Isaak, We Are The Change, Portland, OR


©Mary Mellett, See Hear Speak No Evil, Suffern, NY

ulrich osterloh Beyond Pain

©Ulrich Osterloh, Beyond Pain, Wuppertal, Germany


©Wendi Schneider, Evenings with the Moon, Denver, CO


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