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The 2018 Seeing is Believing Exhibition


©Boglárka Éva Zellei, Furnishing the Sacred No. 2., Érd, Hungary

1st Place Winner

mike whiteley

©Mike Whiteley, Lady, Iowa City, IA

1st Place Winner

On this American holiday dedicated to giving thanks, I want to thank our wonderful readers for their support, for being part of my photography family, and making the the world a better place by being visual truth tellers. And to our writers and staff, so much gratitude. And now I hand the post over to our terrific juror of Seeing is Believing, Drew NikonwiczAline Smithson

Image-making often has less to do with what we include in the frame, and more to do with what we don’t. Studio photography, for example, relies on an aggregate of scenery and lighting apparatuses we know are there, but cannot see. This often shapes the way we read photographs. If we aren’t lost in the scene presented, photographs invite us to infer what is beyond the immediately visible. The more questions an image leaves unanswered, the more I find myself enjoying it.

I especially chose these two images for this very reason. In very different ways, they seem to do the same thing for me. I feel they leave me with more questions than answers. There seems to be just enough space surrounding this baptismal font to make it strangely opulent and yet uncomfortable. Who felt compelled to bring Reba out here, and why?

I spent more time interrogating these images’ integrity than I did revelling in them. In my scrutiny, I was hoping to find some detail that would help me trust (or not) the images. Maybe photographing is believing, but only if you’re the one pressing the button. That would explain why we haven’t stopped photographing sunsets. – Drew Nikonowicz


©Mary Mellett, Not A Sunset, Streetlamp At Midnight, Ramapo NY


©Mary Kocol, Rainbow Over Somerville, Somerville, MA


©Alexander Diaz, Untitled, Saint Augustine, FL

Alexandr Polyantsev

@Alexandr Polyantsev, On the banks of the Neva, Saint-Peterburg, Russia

Andy Mckay

©Andy Mckay, Pelican Air, Costswold Wildlife Park, UK

Arnaud Teicher

©Arnaud Teicher, Burned land – Wildfire project, Provence, FR

Brian_Orozco_Untitled (Shadow)

©Brian Orozco, Untitled (Shadow), New Haven, Connecticut

Carlotta Valente

©Carlotta Valente, Dawn – Monte Igno, Marche, Italy


©Kevin Hoth, Helicopter, Boulder, CO

Larry Torno SomethingBigNextToSomethingLittle

©Larry Torno, Something Big, Next to Something Little, St. Louis, MO


©Lorena Endara, Once Upon A Time, Los Angeles, California

Nick Tarasov 'UFO field message detected in Russia 13 September 2018, 19.07'

©Nick Tarasov, UFO field message detected in Russia 13 September 2018, 19.07, Saint Petersburg, Russia


©Olivia Chaber, Temporary Enlightenment, Vancouver, BC


© Rachael Hulme, Grass is Greener, Baltimore, MD


©Sally Ann Field, Audition Here, Hollywood, CA


©Wayne Swanson, The Chicago River, Chicago, IL,


©Thilo Rohländer, o.t., Dortmund, Germany

Tiaxi Wang

©Tianxi Wang, Fire, Island

Facing north towards O.R. Thambo International Airport this water park in Boksburg was reserved for the use of the ‘white’ population during the apartheid era.

©Vincent Bezuidenhout, Wild Waters, ‘Facing north towards O.R. Thambo International Airport this water park in Boksburg was reserved for the use of the ‘white’ population during the apartheid era’.

Wilder_Seeing Amnesiac

©Thomas Wilder, Seeing Amnesiac, Providence, RI

Yorgos-Efthymiadis_Lamps (1)

©Yorgos Efthymiadis, Lamps, La Rippe, Switzerland

Lisa Fisher

© Lisa Fischer, warm, Dortmund

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