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The 2021 Family Gatherings Exhibition

Waiting for Desert

©Eric Graig, Waiting for Desert, New York, NY, IG: @ericgraig/

Happy Thanksgiving! After two years of covid and quaranting, this wonderful exhibition of family gatherings past and present, remind us of what is important: being with ones you love, being thankful for the goodness in the world, and enjoying a meal together. This is a two part exhibition, so don’t miss the second half!

As we all know, the history of Thanksgiving is more problematic than the idea of Thanksgiving. For educators in particular, here are a couple of articles of interest from the National Museum of the American Indian and The Center of Racial Justice and Education.

Thank you to all who shared their gatherings, their dinner tables and families. Thank you to our readers for supporting us over the years–we are filled with gratitude for this wonderful community of photographic visionaries who tell important stories about self and others.


©michael johnson, Thanksgiving at Sue and Tim’s, Sayville, NY @michaeljohnsonstudio

Jake Eshelman_Family Gathering

©Jake Eshelman, Untitled, Christmas, Heisykha, Kyiv Oblast, Ukraine IG: @jake.eshelman


©Hannah Latham, Thanksgiving Dinner, Rehoboth, MA IG: @hlatham6


© Sarah Barker, Family Chiaroscuro, Gadigal Country, Sydney, Australia IG: @sezwhophoto


©Monika Parekh, The Masterpiece, Bridgehampton, NY IG: @monikaparekh

Version 2

©Tristan Partridge, Garden Gathering, Santiago (Chile) IG: @tristan_partridge_photo

Emily Bouffard Covid Thanksgiving

©Emily Bouffard, Thanksgiving 2020, Somerville, MA 35mm film photograph


©Daria Lanova, Kyiv, Ukraine, IG @kolganova_photography


©Micah McCoy, Easter, Mansfield, IL IG @micahmccoy


©Dennis Church, Family Thanksgiving Dinner 1975, Rural Route 4 Osage, Iowa IG @dennischurchphotographer

Whelan Collage- Lisa Barlow

©Lisa Barlow, Whelan Farm, Danby, Vermont IG @lisabnyc

Gina Costa

©GinaCosta, Mamie’s Kitchen, Williston,NY : IG: @ginacostaphotography


©Gabi Magaly, San Luis Potosi, Mexico, IG: @gabimagaly

Yael Sela -Family Gathering

©Yael Sela, An Ever Lasting Love, Los Angeles, CA


©Clair Robins, The Party Buffet, UK , England IG: @clairscollection

Ray Koh_Family Gathering

©Ray Koh, Sunday Dinner IG:@nomakase


©Maria Mavropoulou ©, Anniversary Dinner, Athens, IG @maria.mavropoulou


©Milla Sebbah, Peace, Brooklyn, New York IG: @millasebbah

Giuseppe Francavilla - The family stars

©Giuseppe Francavilla, The family stars, Palermo, Italy IG: @giuseppe_francavilla

Judi Iranyi_Family

©Judi Iranyi, Family, San Francisco, CA


©Julie Hamel, Easter, Salem, NH iG: @juliehamel_inprogress


©Antonis Giakoumakis, All the Generations, Serbia IG:@giakoumakis_antonis


©Prescott Moore Lassman, Family Portrait, Washington, DC, @lassman_lenswork

@Nadine Levin,Rosh Hashanah Dinner,San Mateo,Ca

©NaidneLevin, Rosh Hashanah Dinner, San Mateo, CA, IG: @nlevin68.

Mara Zaslove

©Mara Zaslove, Chanukah, Santa Monica, CA, IG: @marazaslove4

Family Reunion 2003

©Sarah Hoskins, Family Reunion 2003


©️M.PilarG.Tavelli, Buenos Aires, Argentina IG:@miscotidianeidades

© William Mark Sommer

©William Mark Sommer, Untitled, Sacramento, CA, @williammarksommer


©Jen Bacon, Untitled, Portland, OR IG @jenrbacon

Family Gathering Sarah

©Sarah Pfeifer, An Unconventional Meeting


˙©Anya Miroshnichenko, The room, Moscow IG: @anyamiro

Paul Morris - Family Gatherings (1)

©Paul Morris, Colin and Jenny’s Wedding, Capesthorne, England


©Heidi Horowitz, Gathering, Palm Beach, FL, IG: @Heidihorowitz21

Jessica Swank_Small Victories

©Jessica Swank, Small Victories, Taylors, SC, IG: @jessicawswank


© Bruno Trematore, La Fête, Locquirec, France IG: @bruno.trematore


©Fernando Zelaya, Candle #2, Honduras IG: @phernandozelaya


©Nicolo Sertorio, Simulacrum 4, Oakland, CA

Let them eat cake

©Erin Nowak, The Hostess with the Mostess, Moorestown, NJ , process: staged self-portrait/ performance of Easter brunch with family IG: @erin_nowak

Riley Kizziar Nancy's Rosary

©Riley Kizziar, Nancy’s Rosary, Everett, WA IG: @rileykizziarart

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