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The 2021 Still Life Exhibition


©Sander Martens, Cause & effect, Surhuisterveen, the Netherlands IG: @sandermartensphotography

The genre of still life is as iconic as it is indefinable: loosely considered an image of a grouping of staged inanimate objects, still life photography has grown with and reflected the medium itself. The influence of painting on early still life is palpable: from Nicephore Niepce’s 19th century heliographs of set tables to followers of 20th century pictorialism who attempted to elevate the medium through works which mirrored academic masters, photography and still life painting have a uniquely potent relationship. The inspiration found in iconic scenes produced by 16th – 18th century painters can still be seen in contemporary work; however, as the medium of photography has evolved so too has the genre of still life. This exhibit highlights the works of contemporary photographers during a time when the reality of isolation reflected in the still life is uniquely poignant. Still life differs from other artistic genres, as it continues to be a conduit to singularly capture an artist’s style and internal life, allowing the photographer to meticulously set and place a scene. Ultimately, the genre of still life mirrors photography itself: a medium which both captures memory by stopping time and reflects the mortality we must all come to terms with, whether it be from vanitas of rotting fruit and dying plants or poignant scenes evoking times with family and togetherness. The works in this virtual exhibit grapple with deeply human feelings of loneliness, mortality, and the joy found in simple daily moments. Thank you to all who shared their fantastic work with us, and congratulations to the selected artists.

© Rodney Gene Mahaffey, The Arrangement, Model, CO, @duckheadphotography

©Rodney Gene Mahaffey, The Arrangement, Model, CO, IG @duckheadphotography

©Gemma Pepper, Last Christmas, Zurich, Switzerland, www.gemmapepper

©Gemma Pepper, Last Christmas, Zurich, Switzerland, IG:@gempepper


©LaCheryl Porter, Rush of Air, Los Angeles, IG @lacherylp

1-Seaver_Nathalie-STILL LIFE

©Nathalie Seaver, Feeling Blue, Los Angeles, CA IG@nathalieseaver


©Patricia Ackerman, Silence, IG @patricia.ackerman_photos


©Alexander Diaz, Untitled, St. Augustine, FL IG @alexander_diaz_photo


©Alison R. Miller, Food for Thought (series), Virginia Beach, Va. IG: @alisonrmillerphotography

Amber Lee Williams Still Life Submission

©Amber Lee Williams, Reclining Nude (Cinnamon Raisin Bread), Ontario, Canada


©Anna Sibylla, A Fragile Equilibrium (self-portrait), the Netherlands, IG


©Arrayah Loynd, 19% #1, Melbourne, Australia, IG @arrayahloyndphotographer

barbara_jane_levine_Compost Pile

©BJane Levine, Compost Pile, New York, NY IG @bjanelevine

Bassin_Amy_Civil Atrocities_1772

©Amy Bassin, Civil Atrocities, Long Island City, NY IG@amybassin


©Jamie Bernstein, Cleansing, Baltimore, MD, IG @radjew


©Beth Galton, I see myself reflected , NY, NY, IG @bethgaltonstudio


©Bruno Silva, Prophylactic, Fânzeres, Portugal IG @bruno.leite.silva


©Christina Fontimayor, Brown Liquor on my Breath, Columbus, Ga IG

Dawn Woolley celebrate (blancmange dentata diptych 2)

©Dawn Woolley, Celebrate (blancmange Dentata 2, London, UK IG: @dawncwoolley

Doctor Picturesque Still Life of Death 2021

©Doctor Picturesque, Still Life of Death, 2021


©Faustinus Deraet, Found Mask Study #18, Austin, TX, IG: faustinus


©Fred Johnsson, Magic Egg Yolk, Hamburg, Germany @zenjohnzen


©Hillary Goidell, SUPER, Berkeley, CA IG @hillarygoidell


©Jesse Egner, Nightstand, Brooklyn, NY IG @JesseEgner

Judi Iranyi_Still life

©Judi Iranyi, Still Life, San Francisco, CA

by J.A. Carney

©Justin Carney, Comfort, Baltimore, MD IG @joule_zei


©Kaitlin Jencso, Untitled (July), St. Mary’s County, MD IG @kaitinjencso

Karen Allain egg

©Karen Allain, Anxious Egg, Exeter, UK IG @thebaronski


©Kevin Hoth, Evil Pumpkin, Boulder, CO IG: @KevinHoth


©Kyle Lee Hoo, Quarantine, Lake Ariel, PA IG @kylelhoo


© Lorna MacKay, Megan’s Workbench, Collodion Wet Plate Tintype, Newcastle upon Tyne (UK) IG:@lornamackay_


©Luke Harby, Fernet Branca, 35mm photograph, Northampton, UK IG @lukeharby

Marcos Azulay

©Marcos Azulay False Rarities Buenos Aires, Argentina IG @azulaymarcos


©Calli McCaw, Fading Away, New York, NY @callimccawfineartphotography


©Melissa Eder, Everything Under the Sun Except the Sun (Meat), IG@ IG: @melissaederart

Molly Wood Vanitas with Lilies of the Valley_6592

©Molly Wood, Vanitas with Lilies of the Valley 6592, Des Moines, IA IG @mollywoodphoto2

Pears shot in studio using multi exposure to create impressionistic feel

©Maureen S. Kaveney Pear Study #1

Sara Harley_Still Life_Balancing Act

©Sara Harley, Balancing Act, Bridgewater, NS IG


©Sara Silks, Geography is Destiny, Platinum Palladium Print, LACP-Los Angeles, CA IG @sara_silks


©Valerie Kruglova, Feminine, Rostov-on-Don, Russia IG @paused_light

Natalie Cooney is pursuing an M.A. in art history and curatorial studies at City College of New York. Her research has focused on the history of photography with a range of focus from Victorian post-mortem photography to contemporary work, and is expecting to finish her studies in May 2022. Prior to graduate school, Cooney was the gallery director for the New Orleans Photo Alliance, where she worked closely with photographers to produce exhibitions which elevated artists based in Louisiana and throughout the United States. She has also worked with PhotoNOLA to help produce the annual photo festival and portfolio reviews.. She currently resides in Brooklyn, New York.

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