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The 2018 Good Manners Exhibition

1. sallyannfield_wash-your-hands

FIRST PLACE WINNER ©Sally Ann Field, Wash Your Hands, Tonopah, NV

Many thank yous to the wonderful Christy Havranek for jurying the 2018 Lenscratch Good Manners Exhibition. Congratulations to all who have been accepted and much appreciation to all who submitted work! After culling through hundreds of images, Christy shares her thoughts on her selections:

Good manners‘ is defined as “polite or well-bred social behavior.” I like the idea of a typically verbal, social exchange transformed and represented visually. Whether it’s a beautiful image of a dirt-streaked hand towel (Sally Ann Field, first place), translating ‘good manners’ into the rigorous – and at times absurd — grooming of show dogs (Joanna Kulesza, second place) or cheekily subverting the idea of propriety (Alexander Chernavskiy, third place) – the photographers in this exhibit have thoughtfully captured the idea of ‘good manners.’

Christy Havranek is the Photo Director at HuffPost, where she manages a team of photo editors and photographers. She has 18 years of experience in the photo business, having worked at NBCUniversal, Frommer’s Travel, Polo Ralph Lauren and Bloomsbury Publishing, among others. Recently, Christy was the juror for “Photography as Response” at the Center for Fine Art Photography in Fort Collins, Colorado, and served as one of three jurors for the prestigious Review Santa Fe Project Launch in 2017. At Review Santa Fe, she co-presented a two-day workshop for established photographers to reach the next level in the editorial space, which will run again in late 2018. She a juror for the 2018 LensCulture Street Photography Awards and Photolucida Critical Mass 2018.


SECOND PLACE WINNER ©Joanna Kulesza, Texas Hounds (series), Marshall, TX

3. Alexander Chernavskiy

THIRD PLACE WINNER ©Alexander Chernavskiy, Modern woman portrait, Moscow, Russia

Dániel Babinszky

©DAAN (Babinszky Dániel) / Untitled / Budapest, Hungary


©Daryl-Ann Saunders, The Smile In The Yard, Brooklyn, NY

©Mina Fattahi Amin (1)

©Mina Fattahi Amin, The man, Tabriz/Iran

Cherie E Truesdell- Habit

©Cherie E Truesdell, Habit, Marietta, GA

Donna Rosser

©Donna Rosser, Andrea’s Birthday, Molena, GA

Fabian Muir Orphans

©Fabian Muir, Orphans, Nampo, North Korea

Good Manners-Stay_YvetteMeltzer

©Yvette Meltzer, Good Manners:Stay, New Orleans, LA



©Jack Davies, Band-Aid, Moscow, Russia

Julie Williams_Krishnan_Beetroot Sambar

©Julie Williams-Krishnan, Beetroot Sambar, Medford, MA

shirleyphone 001

©Karoliina Kase, Untitled, Providence, RI


©Stephanie Froelich, The Aftermath of a Pre-Wedding Meal, Richmond,VA

For me Abkhasia has always been a peculiar place where I could feel the reality as I remember from my childhood under the Soviet Union. In the shops there are extraordinary shop assistants who weigh everything on large scales that can be seen only in museums. Yogurt in glass bottles and ice-cream in waffle glasses with forgotten taste of childhood and summer. The people are always relaxed, kind and so hospitable that they take it for an abuse of  a family when someone refuses to eat and drink everything that is offered. That is why it was difficult as we had to eat and drink strong alchohol in every house where we made photos. Anyway, every meeting left its unique impression. The openheartedness of Caucasian people, their emotions and extraordinary soul generousity couldn't leave anyone indifferent, even the most unimpressed guest. As a rule, every house was decorated by many toys - of different colors, shapes and sizes. It created some touchy cosiness and contrrasted serious and hot-rempered Caucasian men and wonderfully beautiful women dressed in black. In many families all moral and physical work lays on women's fragile  but strong shoulders as the husbands gather in the yard to play games and to drink a little vodka that influences them very particularly together with heating sun and pleasantly roaring sea. Abkhasia is being restored after the war but there are many destroyed and unfinished buildings. Some schools, for example a school of arts in Gagry are not made for working with children but the teachers build everything by their own - they work for no salary , bring their own tools that they have been collecting all their lives to teach children. And they do not pity niether time no strenght for this. But in spite all these difficulties the people can be happy and they can really enjoy the  life. Their weddings are so huge that they remind of famous celebrities' concerts that have first come and all their tickets were sold in a year before the plenned event.

©Tatiana Ilina, A line from the past, bkhazia, Gagra

TytiaHabing_Outlaw (1)

©Tytia Habing, Outlaw, Watson, IL

Vikesh Kapoor - Three Amigos

©Vikesh Kapoor, Three Amigos, Santa Monica, CA

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