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The 2020 Favorite Photo Exhibition

Saint Algorithm II

©Brandy Trigueros, Saint Algorithm II, San Gabriel, CA IG @brandytrigueros

Once a year, I take on the heroic effort of asking readers to send us their one favorite photo, without judgement or critique. This massive collection of hundreds and hundreds of images allow students and hobbyists to share space with emerging and significant photographers. 2020 allowed for a broad range of  subject matter from pandemic inspired photographs, reflections of social justice and outrage, conceptual and classic interpretations of the natural word, to beautiful and quirky photographs exploring the internal and external parts of our lives.

Thank you for your submissions and for being part of our amazing community.  Now, be prepared for 11 pages of almost 700 images — pour yourself a big cup of coffee or bigger glass of wine and celebrate the range of photographic expression in 2020. We wish you a healthy, happy, and creative 2021. – Aline Smithson

Granville Carroll_Sublimation

©Granville Carroll, Sublimation, Rochester, NY IG @granville_carroll


©Hayley Lohn, Gravity, Vancouver, Canada IG: @hayleylohn


©Maureen Bond, Hello Neo, Mojave Desert, CA IG @MaureenBond

Lisa Toboz_Falling Stars

©Lisa Toboz, Falling Stars, Pittsburgh, PA IG @lisatoboz

Cree Vitti -untitled (self-portrait)

©Untitled (Self-Portrait), Cree Vitti, Tivoli, NY. IG @critg0d


©Carolyn Benedict Fraser, Belcourt, Nashville, TN, IG @carolynbfraser


©Tania Rubiños, Stardust, Oaxaca, Mexico IG: @tanrubinos

©Meg Birnbaum,Regret,Somerville,MA,

©Meg Birnbaum, Regrets, Somerville, MA IG @megbirnbaum


©Ursula Sokolowska, Self-Portrait, Chicago, IL IG: @ursula_sokolowska


©Nikhail Asnani, Backstroke, Los Angeles, CA IG: @nikhailr


©Gina Cholick, Siren, Pasadena, CA IG: @photogina


©Mark Nelson, Atlas, Austin, TX IG @backhousephoto


© Hope Kahn, Murmer, Cherry Hill, New Jersey @hopekahnphotography


©Barbara Dombach, Trying to Fly, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. USA. My back yard

Zoom High School - Nicholas Li

©Nicholas Li, Zoom High School, Ellicott City, MD IG

Jennifer Esneault-Death by Consumption

©Jennifer Esneault, Death by Consumption, Baton Rouge, LA IG: @jennifer.esneault

Rachel Stein_Welcometo2020

©Rachel Stein, Welcome to 2020, Baltimore, MD


©Andrea Carvajal, In Yellow, Leominster, MA, @and_carva

ClaudiaCantarini - Hidden - Submission

©Claudia Cantarini , Hidden , London, UK IG @claudia.cantarini/


©Mariana Melendrez, Red, San Diego, CA IG: @dreamfflower


©Kelli Jai, Fashion Forward, Atlanta GA IG;: @Kellijaiphotos

Portrait of Wanda von Bremen

©James Lattanzio, Portrait of Artist and Naturalist Wanda von Bremen, Montclair, NJ IG: @jameslattanziophoto


©Diane Fenster, COVID-19.06, Pacifica, CA IG @dianefenster


©Jacqueline Zilberberg, Karine Post Covid, Harlem, New York IG @jacquelinezilberberg


©Johann Bona, Yearning, 2020, Toronto, ON. @johannbona


© Deb Leal, ‘Babe’ Film Still, Sausalito, CA @leal.mp4

Riley Kizziar Finally, Silence

© Riley Kizziar, Finally, Silence, Everett, WA IG @rileykizziarart


©Emmaline Carter, Traces/Absence, Cincinnati, Ohio, IG @emmalinekcarter


©Lisa Guerriero “Celebrating my 50th Birthday Alone During Quarantine” Studio City, CA @analogstreets


©Blimie Tee, Face Mask, Milwaukee, WI IG @blimietphotography


©Emilia Kashfian, Reaching for the Moon, Los Angeles, CA IG @emilia____photographe IG @whenmoodstrikes


©Pelin Guven, Entangled Reality, Istanbul/Turkey, IG: @pelinbg

RICHMOND, VA, AUGUST 2 - Musician Pholo Kimbuende cools off in the James River in Richmond, VA to escape the summer heat in the midst of the global pandemic. Water is cleansing, washes away hurt, trauma, and fear after months of racial unrest across America. The artist reflects on the challenges of being in an interracial relationship. In the summer of 2020 there were plenty of each. But it is also rebirth (Photo by Kate Warren).

©Kate Warren, Whisper My Sins to Me, Richmond, VA, IG: @gokateshoot.


©Joan Haseltine, LOST, Big Timber, MT, IG @joanhaseltine

Lynne Breitfeller_Rabbit

© Lynne Breitfeller, Rabbit in Cornfield, Frenchtown, NJ @lynnebreitfellerphoto


©Reilly A. Miller, Up-Down, Great Sand Dunes National Park and Reserve, Colorado IG @reillyisgood


© Cieran Jay, Bird, Richmond London park, IG @cieranjayphoto,


©Sally Ann Field, Pandemic Birthday Beach Escape, Ventura, CA

PussyWillowSleepingBear, MI_EmilyPorter

©Emily Porter, Pussy Willow, Sleeping Bear, Beulah, MI, IG: @emilyporterphotograph

Kathryn Reichert_Fallen Not Far From the Tree

©Kathryn Reichert, Fallen Not Far From the Tree, Califon, NJ IG: @ksreichert.


©Póghós Méhía, Bijou, Cota, Colombia. IG: @poghosmehia

©Maureen Mulhern-White, Time Machine, Roxbury, CT,

©Maureen Mulhern-White, Time Machine, Roxbury, CT

©Nicholas van der Wal

©Nicholas van der Wal, Untitled, Madbury, NH, IG @nickvdwphotography


©Kat Torreano, Lonerism Sign, Marquette, MI IG: @kattorreano/


©Terri Golas, Light Shift, Houston, TX IG: @terrigolas


©Eric Rippert, 245E150th, Cleveland, OH IG @ericrippert


©Damian Nenadić Surrendered to self preservation Zagreb, Croatia @damiannenadic/


©Monica d. Church, Clean Curtains, Poughkeepsie, NY, IG: and @monicadchurch

Kelly Sinclair

©Kelly Sinclair, Laundry Day, Woodstock, NY IG: @kellysinclair108

Best Photo 2020 Hannah Cuenca

©Hannah Cuenca, Oh Deer!, Davie, FL

img Ernie Luppi

©Ernie Luppi, Botanical Gardens, San Francisco, CA ernie_luppi IG @ernie_luppi


©Georgia Matsamaki, Georgia, Crete-Greece  IG  @georgia.matsamaki


© Danielle Koenig, Tangible Reflection, Dekalb, Il IG: @danielle_koenig03

Black Diamond Mines

©Norma Córdova, aka, shesaidred, 000058160009, Black Diamond Mines, California IG @shesaidred

Jesse Ly_No Longer__Forever

© Jesse Ly, No Longer//Forever, Cincinnati, OH IG: @jessely


©E E McCollum, At Seventy #3, Santa Fe, NM IG: @eemccollum

Approaching Apocalype

© Steve Goldband and Ellen Konar Approaching Apocalypse, Portola Valley, CA IG: @steve goldband

Self-portrait of me and my mom in her 20s

©Qingqian Liu, 我自拍了我和20出头的我妈(a self-portrait of me and my mom in her 20s), New York City, IG: @q_liuu

Passing Through #1

©Kelly Ann Mitchell, Passing Through #1, Santa Barbara, CA

Eli Dijkers Favorite

©Eli Dijkers, Rain, Chestnuts & A Dead Cat, Ardèche France


©Dan Adams, Shadow Rider, Fort Wayne, IN @dan_adams_snaps

Empty Aisle 2_entry

©MaryJo Gebrosky, Empty Chair, location is Columbia SC

Part rally, part concert, The Strokes finished off the night playing for an arena packed full of enthused Bernie Sanders supporters. Drummer Fabrizio Moretti, UNH Whittemore Center Arena, 02.10.2020. Photo by Daniel B. Friedman.

© Daniel B Friedman, Fabrizio, UNH Whittemore Center, Durham, NH IG: @danielbfriedman


©Syndi Pilar, Ferry Selfie, NYC, NY IG @syndipix

Joseph Maxwell

©Joseph Maxwell, Fort, Boston, MA IG: @josephmaxwellphotography

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