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The Ides of March: Omens and Predictions Exhibition

SextonLarson- BLACK HOLE

©Rebecca Sexton Larson, Black Hole, Fictitious location

“Beware the Ides of March!”
So wrote Shakespeare as Julius Caesar was slain on this day.

While I was familiar with the Ides of March as a day of religious significance, I wasn’t intimately familiar. In addition to other significance, it was a deadline day for Romans to settle debts. So much history.

In selecting this group of photographs from the many wonderful submissions, I generally hewed more closely to Omens and Predictions. Even for a nonreligious, relatively non-spiritual person such as myself, I love anything having to do with omens, predictions, prophecy. Signs are there, if you choose to recognize them.

The winning image, by Rebecca Sexton Larson, struck me on each pass I made through the submissions. As I narrowed down, it never lost impact. The mystery of the swirling leaves above a hole in the ground drew me in. Swirling leaves frequently signify the hint of change, the hint of otherworldly presence or intervention. A hole in the ground could be just that—but how deep does the hole go? Is it a grave, a portal, an escape to the other side of the planet? This perpetually unanswerable question sticks with me. My psyche is unsettled, and I like it that way.

I wanted to give an honorable mention to “Young Boy in Tree,” by Frank Mullaney for this photograph as well, for I found it an impactful signifier, and my eye kept returning.

It was difficult to select just 40 pictures, but such is the nature of contests. Using the theme of Omens and Predictions as a guiding principle led me to the images you now cast your eyes upon. – Juror Alyssa Coppelman


©Frank Mullaney, Young Boy in a Tree, Brooklyn, NY

Alyssa Coppelman is an independent photo editor who works regularly with Harper’s Magazine and the Oxford American magazine. She regularly works with photographers, editing portfolios and photobook projects, and enjoys speaking as a visiting lecturer to photography students about building their careers. When she’s not hard at work, Alyssa is trying to make everyone go dancing.

You dream of floods and storms but never people.

©Kate Miller-Wilson, You Dream of Floods and Storms But Never People, Hanover, MN

The Rajasthan Astrological Council and Research Institute, advertising a palm reading, astrology, and vastu shastri consultations, is located behind Jantar Mantar north of the old city in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. Vastu Shastra is a traditional Hindu system of architecture and spatial geometry intended to integrate buildings with nature.

© M. Scott Brauer, Rajasthan Astrological Council and Research Institute, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India


©Julie Fischer McCarter, Messenger, Leesburg, VA


©Anne Berry, Feral Turkey, Cumberland Island, GA

Amy Wilson_Signs

©Amy Wilson, Signs, Philadelphia, PA

Andrea Lavezzaro

©Andrea Lavezzaro, Umbanda, Cotia, Brazil

C. J. Presma_Shooting Range

©Conrad Pressma, Shooting Range, Aspen CO


©Cheryl Clegg, “From Here” Quebec, Canada & Maine (a composite)


©Cody Cobb, Redshift 5, Death Valley, CA

copyright Amy Wilton_

©Amy Wilton, Absit Omen, Hope, ME


©Meghan Quinn, Dark Bouquet, Los Angeles, CA

Dominque Annoni

©Domenique Annoni, Awake, Ypsilanti, Michigan


©Jordan Funk, Parallel, Manipulated photograph


©Law Hamilton, The Angry Roar, Long Beach in Rockport, MA


©Amy Herman, wrap, Charlotte, NC


©Jack Deese, Wishbone Sequence, Douglasville, GA

Version 2

@Barbara Kantz, Hear All Evil, The Long House, East Hampton, N.Y.

Kris Graves Atomic Liquors

©Kris Graves, Atomic Liquors, Las Vegas, 2016


©Kristin Skees, Yawning Beagles #2, Williamsburg, Virginia


© Laurie Freitag, Earthquake Supplies, Hollywood, CA

Mara Zaslove

@Mara Zaslove, It’s a Girl, Santa Monica, CA

Margaret Kaufmann_Storm Coming

©Marky Kauffmann, Storm Coming, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia

Mark Coggins_ZoltarGetsAShove

©Mark Coggins, Zoltar Gets a Shove, San Francisco, CA


©Maureen Haldeman, Présage, Paris, France


©Nancy Oliveri, Prophet, Ambassador from the Animal Kingdom Brooklyn, NY


©Olivia Hunter, The Tomb of Marie Laveau, Cemetery St. Louis No 1. New Orleans, LA,


©Marcy Cohen, Omen@TimesSquare, New York, NY


©Emily Porter, Palm, San Francisco, CA

Prock, Katie_The Ides of March_Submission

©Katie Prock, Were and Will Be, Boca Raton, FL


©Reuben Radding, America Will Soon Be Destroyed By Fire, New York, NY


©Rana Young, Seen and Heard, Fayetteville, AR


©Sarah Frankie Linder, Sound the Alarm, Austin, TX


©Sharon Draghi, Dreamstate, Scarsdale, NY


©Sonia Goydenko, An Urban Lullaby, New York, NY


©Spandita Malik, Memories Misplaced, Lille, France

Stacy Honda - the messenger

©Stacy Honda, The Messenger, Seattle, WA

Transcend by Paul Melhado

©Paul Melhado, Transcend 2019, New York USA


©Matthew Earl Williams, Attempt 1

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